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Wax Melt Clam shells

Wax Melt Clam shells

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Our house blended wax is mixed with the best fragrance oils on the market.

Our snap bar clam shell packaging are fully recyclable.

Clam style may vary, approx. 50g each

BRIGHT NIGHT LIGHT **HOUSEBLEND**A soft blend of lavender & energizing orange along with eucalyptus & lemon peel, these two scents when combined are a perfect match!

WISHING ON A STAR **HOUSEBLEND**Calming lavender, rich sandalwood, tonka & Amber.

LADY OF THE NIGHT **HOUSEBLEND**Sparkling Wine, sweet sugar, amber, sandalwood, sweet orange & fresh rose.

AMAZON RAIN- *Fresh/Clean* - A Fresh clean scent with lemon, lime, waterlily & Amber.

 ANGELS - Dupe of Mugler angel.

AMBER & LAVENDER **Dupe** JO.MALLavender, geranium, amber, frankincense and tonka.

AVO WASH *LSH DUPE*Lemongrass & citrus.

ALI-EN **DUPE**Just like the perfume.

BED BEFORE 9 - Warm Sugared honey, red apple, eucalyptus & Amber.

Fresh & Clean Peppermint & Spearmint.

BIRTHDAY CAKE - A mouth-watering birthday cake fragrance with blends of fresh fluffy sponge, whipped double cream and fruity strawberry jam, then finished off with a layer of sweet smooth pink icing and a generous dusting of icing sugar.

BANANA BERRY CRUSH  **FRUITY**A fresh fruity fragrance combining juicy strawberry with a tangy raspberry, creamy banana, blackberry and vanilla.

BEDTIME BATH BUBBLES **DUPE**Just like the JJ purple baby bath bubbles.

BOSS BOTTLED **DUPE**Hugo boss Dupe.

BUBBLY TOAST **BBW DUPE**Celebrate the good times! Pop, clink and sparkle with an effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine and blackcurrant. 

BABY POWDER 👶You know this one right!

BLUEBERRY VANILLA **FRUITY**Super strong! A sweet juicy fruity fragrance of blueberries, green apple, splash of peach peach & soft vanilla.

BON BON **DUPE**Bon Bon Dupe.

BEDTIME SNUGGLES (I absolutely adore this)A gorgeous scent that will compliment any room. Warm sweet lemons, violet, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli & rich sticky sugar.

BLUEBERRY LEMON DOUGHNUTS **FRUITY**A sweet mouth-watering juicy blueberries, sweet strawberries, sun ripened raspberries and blackcurrants, together with stewed apples & lemon.

BLACK OPEUM - Just like the perfume. 

CREED HIM - Aftershave dupe.

COCONUT & PINEAPPLE  -  Mouth watering Pina colada, with fresh juicy pineapple, creamy coconut, rum & vanilla. 

CHOCOLATE LIMES  **FRUITY**Citrus lemon and lime with a hint of chocolate on a sensual base of candied fruits, vanilla, patchouli and musk.

COLA FREEZE POP **FRUITY**Sweet cola with citrusy lemon and lime, spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves.

CARAMEL COFFEE ☕Rich dark coffee with lashings of sweet caramel.

CARAMAC CANDY 🍬A smooth sweet creamy caramel and white chocolate scent, this one is truly amazing! 

DOWN UNDER **AUSSIE DUPE**Just like the 3 minute miracle leave in hair conditioner but stronger!

DAMSON PLUM, ROSE & PATCHOULI **LSH DUPE**Opulent fruity notes of plum, cassis and rich dark berries indulged in decadent spices of cinnamon and clove. Glamourous floral accords of jasmine and rose are surrounded by sweet patchouli, sensual vanilla and moss to complete this sophisticated scent.

DREAMS **DUPE**Laundry dupe

FLASHY BATHROOM **DUPE**Just like the bathroom cleaning spray! Crisp & fresh!

It really pops! Lime, sweet pineapple, lemon and orange.

GOODNIGHT WORLD 💤Chamomile, lavender & sweet hay.

HALF-ETI **DUPE**Penhaligons unisex dupe.

HONEY TOFFEE BUBBLES  **BBW DUPE**Burnt caramel & sweet honey.

JAM ON TOAST *Fruity/Bakery* - Blackberry, blackcurrant and grape, with hot toasted bread.


JUICY GRAPEFRUIT **FRUITY/FRESH**Freshly sliced grapefruit, apple & orange.

KISS ME QUICK **FRUITY**Fizzy fruity cherries blended with pineapple, rhubarb, strawberry, peach, red berries, orange, lime & spun sugar.

LEMON SHERBERT **FRUITY**Remember dip dabs? 👆😜


LIME BASIL & MANDERIN **DUPE** JO.MALJust like the perfume.

LAVENDER CHAMOMILERelaxing lavender, chamomile & hints of rose.

LAVENDER MARSHMALLOW - A gorgeous but delicate scent.  Herbal lavender, lime, lemon, amber, sandalwood, Tonka, vanilla musk & Marshmallow.

LAUNDRY DAYS **FRESH**Super fresh laundry.

LITTLE MOMMAS BAKERY **BAKERY**Just amazing, sweet sugary heaven, Just how momma would make them.

MANDERIN LAVENDER & AMBERLavender, amber, musk & orange.

MR GREY ** 🥴🥴**Blackpepper, eucalyptus, vertiver, fresh cut cedar.

MARSHMALLOW & WHITE PEACH  **FRUITY**Sweet sun ripened raspberries, sticky marshmallow, hints of apple peel, & sweet vanilla fluff.

MOO MOO LAND **FRUITY**Creamy vanilla and purple grape juice.

MR MILLION **DUPE**Just like the mens 1 million paco rab.

MIDNIGHT BLOOMS  **DUPE**Just like the cleaning dupe.

NUMBER 5  **DUPE**Just like the n5 perfume.

NAG CHAMPARich creamy sandalwood, with mystical frankincense, rosewood, cedarwood & intense oriental amber.

OLYMPIA **DUPE**Just like the perfume.

PURPLE CHEWITS **FRUITY**Just like the purple chewits! Super strong and super fruity!

PINEAPPLE CRUSH **FRUITY**Juicy Pineapple, red berries, zesty lime & orange.

PURPLE RAINJust like the cocktail, but fruitier & super strong.

PEACHY SNOW **BBW DUPE**Snow dusted juicy ripe peaches.

ROSE WONDERLAND *Laundry dupe*

RASPBERRY FLUFFY CLOUDSJuicy Raspberries & strawberries blended with creamy vanilla and crunchy meringue.

RASPBERRY LIMEJuicy ripe raspberries, peach, apple, grape & lime.

RASPBERRY FIZZA Fruity zingy raspberry and sweet wine bubbles.


STRAWBERRY VANILLA **DUPE**Fruity strawberry, juicy peach, whipped cream & vanilla sugar.

STRAWBERRY LIME **DUPE**Strawberry lime cider.

STRAWBERRY LILY **DUPE**Comfort washing dupe

TUBEROSE & VANILLA **DUPE**Laundry dupe! Super fresh!

UNICORN SPARKLEIt's so good you could eat it! ( Please don't)A sweet fizzy sherbet scent with raspberry marshmallow, candy floss vanilla and caramel.

WHIZZ POP WHIZZ BANG - Juicy orange, Fresh limes, mandarin, green apple, Amber, White sugar, lemon & Vanilla.

WARM SMOKY LEATHER & AMBERSurround yourself in the opulent and warming aroma of smoky leather highlighted with the merest hint of citrus. Rich and intoxicating woods, intense amber and exquisite vetiver bring this fragrance to a close.

WHITE LAUNDRYZingy citrus, soft woods, sweet rose, vanilla & Sandalwood.

VANILLA LIME - A bright sparkling citrus fragrance with zesty limes and hints of lemon softened with creamy vanilla.

LEMONGRASS & GINGER - Tangy Lemongrass, silican lemons, juicy limes, spiced ginger, grated nutmeg, fresh eucalyptus, patchouli, and creamy vanilla.

Sweet sherbert, popping candy, ripe strawberry & lime with sticky sweet sugar and hint of vanilla.
Scrumptious sweet bubble gum & ripe red fruits!
A mouth watering blend of roasted hazelnut & rich creamy vanilla.
A fresh summer fragrance of blueberry, strawberry & raspberry.
Juicy passionfruit, mango & papaya.
Fizzy fruity grape with crisp white apple, pear and peach.
Cool and sweet peppermint and spearmint.
Oak moss, sweet cherry, plum & fresh freesia.
A mouth watering blend of tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries.
A sweet creamy scent! Sweet buttery cream and vanilla bean, with hints of toasted nut and cinnamon on a sweet base of yummy melted marshmallow
Warm vanilla, salted caramel and tonka beans.
Vibrant orange, fresh cotton, pink peony, rose and warm amber. 
Zesty lime & sleepy lavender. 
Fresh mandarin and soft jasmine on an ocean mist background.
A crisp, mouth-watering sorbet of crushed grapefruit with hints of smooth, creamy vanilla.
Molton brown dupe - Mouth-watering rhubarb blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple.
Like the perfume, zesty bergamot, light peach, tuberose, white freesia, honey & jasmine.
Watermelon, canary melon, crisp apple, pomelo and Japanese grapefruit and a light dusting of tonka bean.
DAFFODIL & VANILLA - Lenor dupe.
BLUEBERRY SLUSHIE - Sweet juicy fruity blueberry slushie with orange, lemon & hints of apple, all sweetened by sugar & soft vanilla.
PINK LYCHEE & RASPBERRY- Mouthwatering lychee with raspberry and pomegranate, with hints of peach, pear and red apple.
CITRONELLA -Be prepared this summer for those unwanted flying insects! Not only that citronella uplifts negative moods, and relaxes the body and mind. It is reputed to reduce muscles spasms, ease headaches, and boost energy! A lemony-rosy scent.
Summer Strawberry Daiquiri- A delicious fruity alcoholic cocktail with fruity strawberry, zesty lime, apple juice, strawberry liqueur, a dash of rum and a sprinkle of sugar.
PINK CACTUS- Radiant raspberry & fresh citrus. 

POMEGRANTE NOIR- Jo Malone dupe.
GRANDPAS JUMPER- Snuggly and comforting Cashmere with orange, sandalwood, vanilla.
CUCUMBER LIME TONIC - Fresh and sharp grapefruit with lemon, lime and orange.
SQUEEZE THE DAY - Juicy orange and fresh ripe lemons.
VANILLA MACAROONS- Rich vanilla combined with almonds and white sugar with hints of raspberry and coconut.
FILTHY RICH - Lemon, Ginger, Almond milk, orange, Filthy rich vanilla, Tonka bean and cashmere.
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