Scent Descriptions

Strawberry & lily- *laundry dupe* - Strawberry & citrus

Rose wonderland-*laundry dupe* Beautiful clean and uplifting mrs hinch edition fragrance that leaves a wintery but cosy freshness in the air and in the home.

Comfortable blue- *laundry dupe*- lime, peach & apple peel.

Laundry days- *laundry dupe*- crisp green apple and pear, jasmine, neroli & a hint if vanilla.

Spring awakening- *laundry dupe*- Trapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar.

Golden clothesline - *laundry* - An elegant fragrance of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang & refreshing citrus.

White laundry- *laundry*- A warm floral zingy citrus which bursts into soft woods & sweet rose.

Mountain Air *cleaning dupe*- An ozonic citrus opening with breezy aldehydes, fresh citrus and eucalyptus leading to a heart of rose, lily and jasmine alongside pine on a woody base.

Frosted pine *fresh*

Wild rhubarb- *cleaning dupe*

Tropical fruits *cleaning dupe*

Electrify *cleaning dupe*

Baby powder *fresh*

Baby soft *fresh* baby wipes! Super strong!

Raspberry lime *fruity* raspberry, peach, apple, grape, tuberose and orange. (Its amazing!)

Pineapple crush *fruity*- juicy pineapple, red berries, zesty lime & ripe orange.

Lemon curd *fruity*- mouthwatering lemon curd with notes of fizzy lemon, vanilla pods and sugar.

Blueberry & vanilla *fruity* - mouthwatering blueberry with strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and a base of vanilla.

Sugar plum fairy *fruity/sweet* A plum, blackberry and cassis blend with almond blossom and laced with white sugar.

Candied mulberry *sweet* -Super sweet mulberries, hints of musk and vanilla

Very pink cactus -*fruity*- a light and fruity raspberry scent with fresh citrus accords.

Magic medicine *fruity* calpol dupe

Apple slushie *fruity*- A fresh green fruity juicy apple with peach, green leaf and citrus.

Sex on the beach *fruity* - The playful tropical mixed drink, blends of fresh pineapple, orange, cranberries, vodka, peach & coconut.

Skittles *fruity* just like the sweets.

Sweet apple & vanilla *fruity shower gel dupe*
Delicious green apple and fruity peach with lashings of caramel & creamy vanilla.

Juicy fruit *fruity* super strong,( A best seller) - A fruity fragrance of juicy fruit that includes notes of lime, lemon, orange, apple, blueberry, banana, grape, pineapple, bubblegum, strawberry, cherry & peppermint.

Blackberry jam *fruity* - Just like a jar full of sticky and sweet blackberry jam.

Strawberry & rhubarb *fruity*- A perfect blend, not too sweet not too sour! Freshly picked strawberries and pink rhubarb.

Lockdown- This scent will cheer anyone up! Fresh nectarine, juicy peach, a hug of apricot blossoms and kisses of vanilla.

Raspberry fluffy clouds- Juicy raspberries and strawberries blended with creamy vanilla and white meringue.

I'm leaving on a jet plane - Guava, cassis, red rose & white sugar.

 Fresh mint & rhubarb -Rhubarb, juicy ripe apples, freshly squeezed oranges, and fresh mint.

Holiday mode- Fresh rum, fresh orange, zesty lime & fresh mint.

Sour patch *fruity*- ripe strawberry, sweet sherbet, sticky candy with lush notes of lime, sticky sugar and hints of vanilla.

The Rocketman- Dazzling white grape with leaps of blackberries and a splash of raspberry.

Brightside of life- zesty citrus lemon & lime with peppermint.

Wake me up- A fresh powerful juicy citrus accord with florida orange and enriched hints of lemon peel.

Vanilla lime- A bright sparkling citrus fragrance with zesty limes and hints of lemon with creamy vanilla.

Strawberry lime cider 
Similar In Style and Identity to kopperberg) A fruity cider accord that opens with notes of strawberry and zesty lime, enhanced by notes of cloudy apple.

Kerrys bon bon- just like the strawberry bon bon sweets!

This is me - Mouthwatering orange, pear, juicy cranberry, apple, strawberry & raspberry.

 I believe in unicorns- Sweet fizzy sherbert with Marshmellow, candy floss and caramel.

 Blueberry lemon doughnut- sweet and mouthwatering with juicy blueberry, sweet strawberries, sun ripen raspberries, blackcurrants, apples, lemon & soft pastry!

Bubble pop!- Scrumptious, sweet and super strong bubblegum with ripe red fruits.

Raspberry slushie - A sweet raspberry fragrance with sparkling lime poured over crushed ice.

Pink lemonade - Super fizzy pink lemonade pop!

Juicy mango - A rich fruity accord with dominant notes of ripe mango, with further fruity hints of green apple, raspberry and juicy peach.

Black plum & rhubarb- A vibrant fruity accord of juicy black plum, fresh rhubarb, s ripe pear & sweet peach.

Raspberry chew bar- A sweet raspberry fragrance with sugery sherbert (just like wham bar).

Black raspberry vanilla- Ripe raspberry and vanilla pods, smothered with lush apricot, & sparkling lemon.

Hotel of dreams *inspired/fruity*
Smell of Florida! Cherry, Strawberry, Sandalwood, Raspberry, Vanilla & Musk.

Black raspberry velvet

Main street-Smell of florida!
Cranberry, strawberry and raspberry.

Gummie bear slushie- Loaded with juicy fruits! Mango, lime, nectarine, orange and grapefruit.

Strawberries and cream-
Fresh strawberry and soft peach. layered in creamy vanilla.

Salt water taffy -
Melt in your mouth Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Bing Cherry, Sugar, Wild Berry & Creamy Vanilla.

Apple mango tango-
sweet & ripened, McIntosh apples, pears, white roses & notes of freshly sliced mango.

A Thousand Wishes *bath/body* -
Sparkling Champagne, Twinkling Star Fruit, Almond Crème, Sugared Sandalwood an Velvet Musk.

Nuneco *bath/body* (children's Spanish wash)
Sparkling citrus and blended lemon.

Sanctuary *dupe*

Sleepy *bath/body dupe* - soft lemon top notes and creamy lavender followed by white jasmine and violet blooms supported by a rich base of benzoin, vanilla, treemoss and musks.

Rhubarb & rose *bath/body dupe* - A mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.

Dove *dupe*

No more tears *baby shampoo*

Comforter *bath/body dupe*

Down under *Dupe* - A juicy fruity fragrance starting with fresh melon, pear & apple highlighted by a pineapple heart wrapped in raspberry, musk and creamy peach.

Dandruff- A fruity scent with notes of peppermint, green leaf, orange, strawberries and sugar.

Avo-bath *bath/body dupe* zingy lemon grass and zingy lemon .

Queen of tarts- Fresh juicy strawberries smothered in strawberry jam, resting on a bed of creamy cold custard and light buttery pastry.

Passion fruit & paw paw- A delicious fruit cocktail of passionfruit, paw paw, pink grapefruit, mandarin, peach and mango with touches of green apple, jasmine and blackcurrant.

Pineapple frangipani- Sweet and juicy pineapple is well matched with tropical frangipani in this delightful blend with additional notes of vanillin, musk and cedar.

Kreed her *Perfume dupe*

Creed him *Aftershave dupe*

Invictorious *Aftershave dupe*

Lou lou *Perfume dupe*

Sexual healing *Aftershave dupe*

Amber & lavender *Aftershave dupe*

Pomegranate noir *Perfume dupe*

Alien *Perfume dupe*

Black opium *Perfume dupe*

La vie est *Perfume dupe*

Olympia *Perfume dupe*

Dotty *Perfume dupe*

Good girl *Perfume dupe*

Lavender & chamomile *relaxing*
Take time to create calmness within the home with notes of deeply relaxing lavender, chamomile, and geranium.

Purple sheets *relaxing* - Soft and peaceful, like your favourite spot in the garden enveloped in jasmine, lavender and muguet underlain with woods, musk and sweet vanilla.

Lavender rose *relaxing* Clear the mind with refreshing notes of lemon, orange and mandarin, whilst relaxing lavender and geranium calm the senses.

Hotel HQ - Like a 5 star hotel smell! A warming blend of honeyed lavender and heather, with nuances of rose and jasmine, is lifted by aromatic eucalyptus, cinnamon and red apple. A woody amber base drizzled in honey completes the scent.

Pink sands *Candle company dupe*

Egyptian Amber- A rich sultry fragrance with warm Moroccan amber, enriched by spicy cinnamon, bitter orange and touches of coriander, leading to a base of vanilla pod, sandalwood, patchouli and ylang.

Raspberry sandlewood *relaxing*
A light scent of sandlewood & Juicy raspberry accords entwine with sun warmed rosehips.

Netflx & chill *relaxing* A creamy and indulgent blend of smooth white vanilla, deliciously spicy and rich entwined with sweet decadent amber, a warm base of cedar and velvet musk.

Lady million - In similar style & identity to the perfume. 

Purple Chewits - Just like tte sweets